Julia Mermelstein

Julia Mermelstein is a Toronto-based composer, originally from Halifax. Her music focuses on detailed tone colour, textures, and gestural movement that reveal evocative, immersive, and subtly changing soundscapes. She extensively works with electronics, blending acoustic and electronic sound worlds in seamless interactions. Her music takes influence from Buddhist philosophy, psychology, and ritualistic tendencies that shape her relationship to form, stillness, and sense of space. Julia’s extensive background in ballet has heavily informed her work whether choreography is explored with musicians or informing her creative process. Her work has been involved in a variety of mediums that include electronic, chamber music, orchestral, music for dance, and collaborative and multi-disciplinary works.

Julia’s music has been commissioned and performed by leading ensembles, including Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Barbara Pritchard, Blue Rider Ensemble, the Array Ensemble, Ensemble Arkea, Quatuor Bozzini, Toy Piano Composers Ensemble, Windermere String Quartet, among others. Her compositions have been presented at CEMIcircles Intermedia Festival in Texas, OUA Electronic Music Festival in Osaka Japan, NAISA’s Deep Wireless Compilation, The Music Gallery, Festival of Original Theatre, and Open Ears Festival.

Julia received a B.F.A specializing in Composition under Dr. Georges Dimitrov from Concordia University, Montréal in 2013. She continued her studies with composers Linda Catlin Smith, Brian Harman, and Juliet Palmer. Julia is an Associate Composer at the Canadian Music Centre and a member of the Association of Canadian Women Composers where she is currently Journal Editor.