Din of Shadows II

    Premiere of drifting, vividly presented and commissioned by Din of Shadows, with choreography by Angela Blumberg. To be performed by Olivia Shortt, Emilie Gelinas-Noble, Jonny Smith, Marketa Ornova, Angela Blumberg, and Ming-Bo Lam.

    Din of Shadows II rehearsal

    Had a nice long rehearsal going through choreography ideas with musicians Emilie Gelinas-Noble, Olivia Shortt, and Jonny Smith for my new piece for Din of Shadows.


    Spark to Stone: Caution Tape Sound Collective

    Acousmatic premiere of wonted at the Spark to Stone Concert co-presented by Caution Tape Sound Collective and the Association of Canadian Women Composers.

    Musicworks' 2017 electronic music competition

    wonted II-III placed third in Musicworks' 2017 International Electronic Music Competition and had a featured article about the piece on their online magazine.

    ACWC call for scores winner

    wonted was selected to be performed at Caution Tape’s spring 2018 concert co-presented with the Association of Canadian Women Composers.

    EPO's 2018 Young Composers Competition

    in turn placed 2nd in the Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra's 2018 Young Composers Competition.

    Singles Vol.3: Caution Tape Sound Collective

    Evan Bowen premieres Woven, Still for multi-percussion, electronics, and movement with Caution Tape Sound Collective.

    Finalist in Symphony No.1’s call for scores

    A selected finalist in Symphony Number One’s International Call for Scores 4.

    Featured on Puslar CISM 89.3 FM

    Julia was featured on this week’s show on Pulsar CISM presented by Alexandre David with works by composers Meng Wang and Lasse Thoresen.

    New electronic work

    We had our last EQ session last week and what an inspiring 5 months it’s been! I’ve met such a great group of artists and learned so much about how to approach electronics in my compositional practice from Rose Bolton and the other participants. I hope this program continues on to keep building a foundation for women in electronics. Throughout the workshop, I’ve been composing a series of electronic pieces that are finally finished! This has been new territory for me, composing solely in this medium and it’s been an eye- opening process from start to finish.