Opus Testing: Wei Wu Wei The Tao Takes the Reins

    Soprano Adanya Dunn and Zach Clark premiere XIV for solo voice and live electronics, a part of Music Reflecta's Opus Testing workshop performance.

    RE:connect at Festival of Original Theatre

    RE:connect will gets its second performance at FOOT (Festival of Original Theatre) performed by Olivia Shortt and Kathleen Legassick.

    New work for Blue Rider Ensemble

    I’ve begun to work on a new piece for Blue Rider Ensemble to be performed in the winter of 2017. The ensemble comprises of flute, Liselyn Adams, cello, Paul Pulford, and percussion, Beverly Johnston. It’s an exciting project to take part in and I’m looking forward to get the chance to workshop the piece with the ensemble in the fall.


    Future Lab: Arraymusic’s YCW

    The Array Ensemble premiere’s Impression, concluding the Young Composers Workshop with new works by Adam Filaber, Bekah Simms, and Thomas Weideman.

    Arraymusic's 2016 Young Composers Workshop

    I feel so fortunate to have spent the month working with the incredible Arraymusic musicians, Stephen Clarke, Collean Cooke, David Schotzko, and Stephen Sitarski and learning from mentor composer Christopher Butterfield. My piece Impressioned will be premiered alongside amazing pieces by Adam Filaber, Bekah Ann Simms, and Thomas Weideman at the closing concert.

    RE:connect premiere

    Olivia Shortt and Kathleen Legassick premiere RE:connect along with a works-in-progress showings by dancers Amanda Pye and Jane Alison McKinney.

    RE:connect: a new dance collaboration

    RE:connect is a dance piece that I’ve been collaborating on for the past 4 months and it’s being performed next weekend at Dancemakers. It’s been a wonderful project to work on and I’m very lucky to have collaborated with amazing dancers Sarah Hopkin, Kathleen Legassick and musician Olivia Shortt. We’ve been experimenting on how interconnected musician and dancer can be in the same performance space, how the music can have equal weight with the choreography.


    Dance creation: rehearsal clips

    Rehearsals are in progress for a new dance collaboration with choreographer Sarah Hopkin and dancer Kathleen Legassick. The music will be scored for electronics and baritone sax to be performed by Olivia Shortt. Here are some short clips of some of our music and movement experiments!

    Concours Accés Arkea

    Felt very fortunate to be a finalist in Ensemble Arkea’s Concours Accés Arkea and to have composed a new work for the ensemble. Such a wonderful experience to take part in the competition and get to work with an amazing ensemble and conductor, Dina Gilbert.


    Ensemble Arkea Performance

    Ensemble Arkea premieres Shift conducted by Dina Gilbert a part of their 4ém Concours Accés Arkea.