City of the Dead

I recently composed the music for the documentary, ”City of the Dead: Halifax and the Titanic Disaster” directed Robert Zimmerman, a part of Morning’s Mist Films. It discusses the involvement and impact that Halifax had on the aftermath of the Titanic.

The music had to express different kinds of emotions from mourning and sadness to feelings of hope and remembrance.


Dents de Lait

Dents de lait screenshot

Here is a sample of the music I wrote for an animation short film called Dents de Lait by Julie Charette. It’s about a boy who experiences loss and how one realizes that  life carries on.

It is scored for ukulele, piano, and glockenspiel, all performed by myself and recorded by David Fiorentino.



Scored for animation short by Bianca Basso; bass clarinet, violin, and viola, 2012.

The animation follows a wood nymph struggling against a polluting city that is slowly destroying the forest and its natural surroundings.

For bass clarinet, two violins, and cello. Recorded and mixed at McGill University, additional mixing by myself.