Julia Mermelstein

Blue Rider Tour

Participant in EQ Program

I’m very excited to be a chosen participant in the 2nd edition of EQ: Women in Electronic Music program, hosted by the Canadian Music Centre. The workshop is facilitated by composer and sound artist Rose Bolton, focusing on mentorship and community building among women who create electronic music.  This is a 6 month long mentorship with 7 other artists. I’m really looking forward to gaining more knowledge about electronic music creation and to learn from these wonderful composers and artists!

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Upcoming Concerts

Two concerts coming up next week!

Over the past couple months, I’ve been participating in Musica Reflecta’s OPUS:Testing workshop for voice and live electronics. We’ve been exploring ways of live processing the voice through SuperCollider with Zach Clark and soprano Adanya Dunn. My piece, XIV, will be premiered on Feb. 1 at the Tranzac Club at 7:30pm in Toronto alongside other great pieces by Janit Sit, Amy Brandon, Amanda Lowry, Jonathan Adjemian, Leslie Melcher, Vasilis Mouskouris, and Peter Walton.



THEN THE NEXT DAY… I’m really excited that RE:connect will gets its second performance at FOOT (Festival of Original Theatre) on Feb.2 at Robert Gill Theatre at 7pm in Toronto. Looking forward to presenting with a diverse program of works!


RE:connect rehearsal