For baritone saxophone and electronics; 13′, 2016.

Composed for collaborative dance piece choreographed by Sarah Hopkin for solo dancer. Choreographed and composed for Kathleen Legassick and Olivia Shortt. Premiered on May 1, 2016 at Dancemakers Theatre, Toronto.

Additional performances: Performed at Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT) by Kathleen Legassick and Olivia Shortt on Feb.2, 2017 at Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto; Performed at ODD Box Theatre (Ottaw Dance Directive) and presented by the Movement Gallery in Ottawa on June 2, 2017.

RE:connect explores our dependence on technology and the epidemic of loneliness it has caused. The depth of the connections we make to other humans is now often sacrificed for the quantity of connections we make. We feel the need to constantly be connected and share our experiences in order to feel that we are not alone, but in the process we have forgotten how to connect with ourselves. If we do not learn how to be alone, we will be forever lonely.

RE:connect Performance

RE:connect, is a dance piece that I’ve been collaborating on for the past 4 months and it’s being performed next weekend, May 1st at Dancemakers studio.

It’s been a wonderful project to work on and I’m very lucky to have collaborated with amazing dancers Sarah Hopkin, Kathleen Legassick and musician Olivia Shortt!


RE:connect rehearsal



Rehearsal at TDT

Great rehearsal the other day with Sarah and Kathleen in a beautiful space!

Rehearsal at TDT

Dance Creation – Rehearsal Clips #1

Rehearsals are in progress for a new dance collaboration with choreographer Sarah Hopkin and dancer Kathleen Legassick. The music will be scored for electronics and baritone sax to be performed by Olivia Shortt. Here are some short clips of some of our music and movement experiments!

More clips will be revealed as the piece unfolds… The complete work will be presented at the end of April!


1st Rehearsal

Sketches for a new piece taking shape.

Dance rehearsal 1

Dance rehearsal 2


For mixed ensemble (fl, bn, gl, vib, perc, pno, vln, vla); 15′, 2015.

Commissioned by Sarah Hopkin for her choreographic work. Performed at Winchester Theatre with Nostos Collectives on March 15, 2015.

Living in the past is something most of us experience at one time or another. This piece looks at when reflecting on ones past becomes a part of who you are, like a personal reflex, and the journey to finding happiness in the present. – Sarah Hopkin


Musicians: Daniel Stefan (fl), Ian Hopkin (bn), Alesio Barbera (gl, vib), Robert Purcell (per, gl), Julia Mermelstein (pno), Crystal Lee (vln), Cole Canaday (vla)

Recorded and mixed by Julia Mermelstein; Percussion recorded by Jordan Hunsberger


Water Is the Stranger Here

For violin, cello, piano, and voice; 11’30”, 2014.

Commissioned by Sarah Hopkin for her choreographic work. Performed at New Voices Festival 2014.

The piece explores the power of water and the experience of drowning, with influences drawn from The English Patient.

Violin – Cyrstal Lee
Cello – Brenton Chan
Piano/voice – Julia Mermelstein

Text – excerpts from The English Patient
Recorded and mixed by Julia Mermelstein



For string quartet and two dancers; 12’30”, 2013 .

Musicians: Cesar Alm, Markos Maniakas, Ian Gibbons; Dancers: Christy Cunningham (Solo No.1), Stephanie Mehuys (Solo No.2)

Performed at D.B. Clark Theatre in Montréal, May 2013. Recorded by Mariana C. Hutton Czapski

The ballet SHAPED is a collaborative dance production between myself and composer/dancer, Sheena Bernett. This piece explores two contrasting states of mind and how they react when in contact.