without ground

For flute, cello, and percussion; 2016

Commissioned and premiered by Blue Rider Ensemble at the Canadian Music Centre on March 10, 2017.

without ground explores qualities of vulnerability through delicate activity and unstable suspension. The piece evolves around the idea of experiencing fragility at the point of almost breaking. What happens when this fragile state does break and overwhelms all space? There is a complexity to how these qualities manifest through the lack of control and disorder of its groundless nature.

Reflextion in Performance with Nostos Collectives

I’m looking forward to seeing the final pieces put together of REFLEXtion! The show is this Sunday March 15th at Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto apart of Nostos Collectives’ Up and Running show.

rehearsal 1    rehearsal 3


Echoes of Illumina

For string quartet, 2015; 20′.

Commissioned by the Windermere String Quartet. Premiered on March 29 at St. Olaves Church, Toronto.

When I was asked to write for the quartet, I wanted to compose a piece that embodied their distinct sound and unique approach to early quartet music. In my search for inspiration I was drawn to “Illumina Faciem Tuam” by composer Carlo Gesualdo. Though the piece was written during the Renaissance, the emotional content still feels very relevant and accessible. My intent for “Echoes of Illumina” was to capture that character in a modern voice. The piece echoes the nuances most striking about Gesualdo’s work, as well as zooming in on detailed musical moments.

Recording Sessions

I’ve been in the midst of recording my dance score for choreographer Sarah Hopkin and it’s almost complete! I had a great opportunity to work with these talented musicians!

Crystal LeeCole CanadayDaniel Stefan

Within & Without

For piano and electroacoustic and electronic sounds, 2014.

The piece begins quite spacious, building to a grander sound and quietening back into stillness; as if one is trying to contemplate, but is lost in thoughts and daydreams.

City of the Dead

I recently composed the music for the documentary, ”City of the Dead: Halifax and the Titanic Disaster” directed Robert Zimmerman, a part of Morning’s Mist Films. It discusses the involvement and impact that Halifax had on the aftermath of the Titanic.

The music had to express different kinds of emotions from mourning and sadness to feelings of hope and remembrance.