Premiere at Singles Vol.3 with Caution Tape Sound Collective


I’m so excited for Caution Tape Sound Collective‘s Singles Vol. 3 concert this Saturday featuring amazing performers Evan Bowen and Jonathan MacArthur! My piece “Woven, Still” for multi-percussion and electronics will be premiered with 5 wonderful new works by Bekah Ann Simms, August Murphy-King, Janet Sit, Patrick Arteaga, and Tyler Versluis. A show not to be missed!

A big thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for awarding a commissioning grant for this composition.


into a landscape, unrest

For mixed ensemble: viola, bassoon, percussion, piano, and electronics; 2017

Commissioned by Caution Tape Sound Collective and premiered a part of Quintile on March 18 at Array Space in Toronto. Performed by Bianca Chambul (bsn), Evan Bowen (perc), Emilie Gelinas-Noble (vla), Jana Luksts (synth, electronics), Markéta Ornova (pno)

“Everything is impermanent and comes to an end. Every moment that comes into being is a moment of destruction” – Dzigar Kongtrul

into a landscape, unrest is inspired by the idea of how impermanent our surrounding and environments are from the very subtle to the more pronounced. There are cycles to how things form and transform according to what is present in the space. Our awareness guides what we deem to be background and foreground and this is continually changing as we experience one moment to the next. The piece plays with this shifting awareness and the expectation for things to continue as they were.

Blue Rider Tour

Upcoming Concerts

Two concerts coming up next week!

Over the past couple months, I’ve been participating in Musica Reflecta’s OPUS:Testing workshop for voice and live electronics. We’ve been exploring ways of live processing the voice through SuperCollider with Zach Clark and soprano Adanya Dunn. My piece, XIV, will be premiered on Feb. 1 at the Tranzac Club at 7:30pm in Toronto alongside other great pieces by Janit Sit, Amy Brandon, Amanda Lowry, Jonathan Adjemian, Leslie Melcher, Vasilis Mouskouris, and Peter Walton.



THEN THE NEXT DAY… I’m really excited that RE:connect will gets its second performance at FOOT (Festival of Original Theatre) on Feb.2 at Robert Gill Theatre at 7pm in Toronto. Looking forward to presenting with a diverse program of works!


RE:connect rehearsal

On to the next . . .

I just completed my new piece, without ground, commissioned by Blue Rider Ensemble for flute, cello, and percussion. I’m really excited to get to workshop and rehearse the piece in the winter! Performance info will be posted shortly.

Now I’m on to the next project, a piece for Caution Tape Sound Collective for their second show this season, Quintile in March, 2017. Some interesting instrumentation for this one: bassoon, viola, piano,keyboard(electronics), and percussion.

Caution Tape Sound Collective


For clarinet, violin, percussion, and piano; 14′, 2016.

Performed by the Array Ensemble: Stephan Clarke, Colleen Cook, David Shotzko, Stephen Sitarski and conducted by Rick Sacks.  Presented as a part of the 28th Futurelab: Young Composers’ Workshop. Premiered on May 28, 2016 at Arraymusic, Toronto.

Impressioned explores how characteristics are reflected, transformed, and embodied. This is experienced through fluid exchanges of subtle qualities, occurring unconsciously and sometimes seamless. We change, adapt, and respond according to the kind of space or character we are interacting with. The piece unfolds through different gestures that are reflected between groups while maintaining a sense of individuality. These gestures interject one another, return, and develop, adapting to what comes next.


For baritone saxophone and electronics; 13′, 2016.

Composed for collaborative dance piece choreographed by Sarah Hopkin for solo dancer. Choreographed and composed for Kathleen Legassick and Olivia Shortt. Premiered on May 1, 2016 at Dancemakers Theatre, Toronto.

Additional performances: Performed at Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT) by Kathleen Legassick and Olivia Shortt on Feb.2, 2017 at Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto; Performed at ODD Box Theatre (Ottaw Dance Directive) and presented by the Movement Gallery in Ottawa on June 2, 2017.

RE:connect explores our dependence on technology and the epidemic of loneliness it has caused. The depth of the connections we make to other humans is now often sacrificed for the quantity of connections we make. We feel the need to constantly be connected and share our experiences in order to feel that we are not alone, but in the process we have forgotten how to connect with ourselves. If we do not learn how to be alone, we will be forever lonely.

RE:connect Performance

RE:connect, is a dance piece that I’ve been collaborating on for the past 4 months and it’s being performed next weekend, May 1st at Dancemakers studio.

It’s been a wonderful project to work on and I’m very lucky to have collaborated with amazing dancers Sarah Hopkin, Kathleen Legassick and musician Olivia Shortt!


RE:connect rehearsal



Dance Creation – Rehearsal Clips #1

Rehearsals are in progress for a new dance collaboration with choreographer Sarah Hopkin and dancer Kathleen Legassick. The music will be scored for electronics and baritone sax to be performed by Olivia Shortt. Here are some short clips of some of our music and movement experiments!

More clips will be revealed as the piece unfolds… The complete work will be presented at the end of April!


Concours Accés Arkea

Such a wonderful experience to take part in the competition and get to work with an amazing ensemble and conductor, Dina Gilbert. It was a great concert!

Ensemble Arkea 12646755_1231251600235536_4344942638768418120_o

Photos: Nadia Zheng