For string quartet; 7′, 2015

Composed for and premiered by Quatuor Bozzini on Sept. 2 at Jeunesse Musicale. Live recording; recording engineer: John Klepko

Additional performances: Ontario premiere at Between the Ears Festival in Waterloo on June 3, 2017.

“Echoes of Illumina” Premiere

A new composition of mine written for the Windermere String Quartet will be premiered at Music She Wrote: WSQ Concert Series III.  The concert celebrates music composed by women then and now. If you’re in the Toronto area check it out, it’ll be a great show!

Music She Wrote

Echoes of Illumina

For string quartet, 2015; 20′.

Commissioned by the Windermere String Quartet. Premiered on March 29 at St. Olaves Church, Toronto.

When I was asked to write for the quartet, I wanted to compose a piece that embodied their distinct sound and unique approach to early quartet music. In my search for inspiration I was drawn to “Illumina Faciem Tuam” by composer Carlo Gesualdo. Though the piece was written during the Renaissance, the emotional content still feels very relevant and accessible. My intent for “Echoes of Illumina” was to capture that character in a modern voice. The piece echoes the nuances most striking about Gesualdo’s work, as well as zooming in on detailed musical moments.


For string quartet and two dancers; 12’30”, 2013 .

Musicians: Cesar Alm, Markos Maniakas, Ian Gibbons; Dancers: Christy Cunningham (Solo No.1), Stephanie Mehuys (Solo No.2)

Performed at D.B. Clark Theatre in Montréal, May 2013. Recorded by Mariana C. Hutton Czapski

The ballet SHAPED is a collaborative dance production between myself and composer/dancer, Sheena Bernett. This piece explores two contrasting states of mind and how they react when in contact.


Ballet Piece

I’m currently working on a collaborative project with my friend Sheena Bernett where we’re composing and choreographing our own short ballet. It will be for two dancers and string quartet, written  in three movements: two solos and a pas de deux.

The two solos will bet based on different moods where one is slow moving, emphasizing on subtle movements and gestures. The second is quite angular and abrupt, reflecting an agitated state of mind. The pas de deux will be a blend of these moods and how they interact with each other.

It will be performed at the end of April as a part of the end of year composition concert.

The music is almost complete right now and we’ll begin choreographing pretty soon. More updates to come…