Cycle Scope

for mixed septet and soprano (fl, cl, vln, db, pno, perc)

8 minutes (2015)

Commissioned by the Toy Piano Composers Ensemble.

World Premiere

To Be Announced 3
November 21, 2015 | The Music Gallery

Conducted by Pratik Gandhi, performed by Maureen Batt (soprano), Tim Crouch (fl), Sharon Lee (vln), Etienne Levesque (perc), Adam Scime (db), Wesley Shen (pno), Anthony Thompson (cl).

Program Notes

"Cycle Scope" is inspired by a fascination with human connection and behaviour; meanings behind rituals, routines and patterns in the way people interact. There are moments of synchronicity in physical movement as well as people's emotional states converging in their environment. I am always intrigued by how these subtle moments can go unnoticed and have the ability to reveal something unexpected. The piece explores the rituals of different individuals and how they interact within a space. Physical and emotional patterns emerge through these interactions, whether conscious or not. From the surface, a beautiful complexity develops out of simple, repetitive, and sometimes direct routines, overlapping and occasionally interlocking. There is a sense of duality in this piece, focusing on the larger structure while revealing a deeper meaning beneath these routines.