out of grains, within clouds

for two marimbas, sandpaper, wood, and electronics

13 minutes (2019)

Commissioned by Din of Shadows

World Premiere

Emergence IV
May 3, 2019 | The Music Gallery, Toronto

Performed by Jonny Smith (perc.), Louis Pino (perc.), Angela Blumberg (choreographer, dancer), Ming-Bo Lam (dancer).

Program Notes

"out of grains, within clouds" is inspired by Painting No.147 by Spanish artist Luis Feito that uses oil paint, sand, and pebbles on canvas. I was drawn to Feito’s use of an unconventional material that he transformed with paint and colour, creating forms of grit that emerge out of an opaque form. This piece explores Feito’s visual palette through elongated and suspended lines that move between blending rough, noisy textures and having abrasive sounds take over.

Responding to the music and its title, the choreography is inspired by human existence, the idea of being brought into this life, manifesting ourselves, and ceasing to exist, leaving (into clouds, perhaps). Angela Blumberg
"out of grains, within clouds" premiere at the Music Gallery in Toronto. (left to right) Angela Blumberg, Ming-Bo Lam, Louis Pino, Jonny Smith.