What Brings You In: Part V

for solo violin and electronics

12 minutes (2020)

Commissioned by Leslie Ting with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

Program Notes

"What Brings You In" explores the paradox between self-understanding and discovering oneself through connecting with others. Drawing from 40 field interviews including therapists and lay people, and extensive hands-on research, WBYI is a fully staged, music-driven work with live video art and multi-channel sound. With two newly commissioned electro-acoustic works for violin and electronics performed by Leslie Ting, a sound piece by Germaine Liu based on sand play therapy, and live video by Elysha Poirier, this six-part performance references our habitual behaviours and beliefs, the intimacy of connecting with another, the “black box of the mind”, the collective, and the spiral nature of growing as a person. In development.