Julia Mermelstein

New recording of XIV

I'm excited to share a new recording of my piece XIV for voice and live electronics, performed by Clarisse Tonigussi!

Recording Session

Had a little recording session today of my voice and electronics piece, “XIV” with the amazing Clarisse Tonigussi!

The recording will be posted soon. In the meantime, you can check out our recent performance of the piece earlier in October.

New Projects Underway for 2019

It's been a busy month of performances! Just wrapped up the last of three concerts where my new work Only Edges was performed by Barbara Pritchard in Halifax, Regina, and Toronto.

I'm now onto the next few projects that will be presented in late spring 2019. I'm starting to write a new piece for two marimbas, electronics, and dancers to be presented with Din of Shadows in May at The Music Gallery. I'm thrilled to be collaborating again with choreographer/dancer Angela Blumberg and to be composing for Taktus Duo.

I'll also be composing a new work for two pianos, commissioned by La Fiammata Piano Duo with support from a commissioning grant from the Ontario Arts Council. This piece will be performed at the end of May in Toronto. Lots of exciting composing ahead!

Premiere of new work for solo piano with Barbara Pritchard

I'm back in Halifax for a special concert coming up this Thursday Oct.11th at the Music Room! Barbara Pritchard will be premiering my piece Only Edges for solo piano and fixed electronics alongside great works by Rose Bolton, Emily Doolittle, and Jeffrey Ryan, a concert not to be missed!!

For friends in Toronto, it will be performed at the Canadian Music Centre on Mon. Oct.15th at 7pm.

I'm very thankful for receiving a commissioning grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to support the creation of this work. It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Barbara on this new piece and really looking forward to sharing it!

Performance of XIV with the Canadian Women Composers Project

I'm excited to be a part of the Canadian Women Composers Project concert, Seeing Sound: Where Music and Visual Art Meet, this Saturday October 6th!! Clarisse Tonigussi and I will perform my piece XIV with some live electronics and works by Katerina Gimon, Maria Eduarda Martins, Carmen Braden, Nova Pon, Marla Kishimoto, and Rebekah Cummings. Check it out if you can!

Workshop Session in Ottawa

I've been spending the last couple days in Ottawa workshopping a new collaborative dance piece with choreographer/dancer Sarah Hopkin for interactive electronics, three dancers, and projections to be performed in Ottawa with the Movement Gallery in November, 2018. It's been an intense and inspiring couple of days solidifying our ideas and adjusting and tweaking the tech.

Din of Shadows II Concert

THIS SATURDAY is the premiere of my multi-disciplinary piece, drifting, vividly for mixed quartet, electronics, and dancers with Din of Shadows! Performed by the amazing Olivia Shortt, Emilie Gelinas-Noble, Jonny Smith, Markéta Ornova and choreographer/dancer Angela Blumberg and Ming-Bo Lam. Can’t wait to share this piece alongside a theatrical new work by Quinn Jacobs.

Din of Shadows II Rehearsal Footage

Here's some rehearsal footage for my new piece drifting, vividly to be premiered on May 5th!

(Rehearsal of Angela Blumberg and Ming-Bo Lam)

Choreography session with musicians: Emilie Gelinas-Noble, Olivia Shortt, and Jonny Smith.

Musicworks'2017 Electronic Music Competition

I'm really happy to hear that my piece wonted II-III has placed third in Musicworks' 2017 International Electronic Music Competition! So thankful for being selected amongst these amazing artists.

Catch the acousmatic performance of the whole work at the Spark to Stone Concert co-presented by Caution Tape Sound Collective and the Association of Canadian Women Composers in Toronto on March 24 at 7:30pm at Array Space. Other featured composers include new works by Amy Brandon, Sarah Belle Reid, Ivana Jokic, Bekah Simms, and Toronto premieres of pieces by Hope Lee and Lesley Hinger. It's going to be an amazing concert that's not to be missed!!

Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra's 2018 Young Composers Competition

I'm really excited to announce that my new orchestral work, in turn, has won 2nd place in the Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra's 2018 Young Composers Competition. Many thanks to the orchestra for this wonderful opportunity and to the judges: Gary Kulesha, Sabatino Vacca, and Dr. Mark Whale.

New Year, New Projects


It's been a busy start to the new year so far! I recently finished a piece, through shade light moves, written for the Winds of the Scarborough Philharmonic a part of their Composer Project through the Canadian Music Centre. The piece will be workshopped on January 25th, 2018 at the SPO Reading Session.

I'm also thrilled to be working on two new works: a piece for flute, piano, and electronics for Amanda Lowry and Jason White to be premiered in April in Waterloo and an interdisciplinary work involving four musicians and two dancers for Din of Shadow's second show this season in May in Toronto

Premiere at Singles Vol.3 with Caution Tape Sound Collective


I’m so excited for Caution Tape Sound Collective‘s Singles Vol. 3 concert this Saturday featuring amazing performers Evan Bowen and Jonathan MacArthur! My piece “Woven, Still” for multi-percussion and electronics will be premiered with 5 wonderful new works by Bekah Ann Simms, August Murphy-King, Janet Sit, Patrick Arteaga, and Tyler Versluis. A show not to be missed!

A big thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for awarding a commissioning grant for this composition.


Featured on Puslar CISM 89.3 FM

Thrilled to have my music featured on this week’s show on Pulsar CISM presented by Alexandre David with works by composers Meng Wang and Lasse Thoresen.

Here’s the archived link in case you missed it: http://cism893.ca/emissions/pulsar 

New Electronic Work

We had our last EQ session last week and what an inspiring 5 months it’s been! I’ve met such a great group of artists and learned so much about how to approach electronics in my compositional practice from Rose Bolton and the other participants. I hope this program continues on to keep building a foundation for women in electronics.

Throughout the workshop, I’ve been composing a series of electronic pieces that are finally finished! This has been new territory for me, composing solely in this medium and it’s been an eye- opening process from start to finish. Check out my new piece wonted below: