density swells upclose in breath

for two pianos

11 minutes (2019)

Commissioned by La Fiammata Piano Duo with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

World Premiere

May 31, 2019 | Mazzoleni Concert Hall, Toronto

Performed by La Fiammata Piano Duo (Linda Ruan, Charissa Vandikas)

Program Notes

"density swells upclose in breath" is inspired by the poem “Unlocking” by Alice B. Fogel. This piece examines extremes, both in scope and magnification of changing pulses that push and pull between both musicians, continually reacting to one another. What happens when these momentums break and fall apart? What do they dissolve into? The piece's tightly woven material continuously alters in dark and light, sharp and subtle, and at times opens up to spacious moments.

Their shadows pull you to the shore. Their size fills your lungs with sky.Alice B. Fogel from "Unlocking"
"density swells upclose in breath" performance at Mazzoleni Concert Hall in Toronto by La Fiammata Piano Duo.