drifting, vividly

for mixed quartet, electronics, and movement (alto sax, vla, perc, pno)

30 minutes (2018)

Commissioned by Din of Shadows

World Premiere

Din of Shadows II
May 5, 2018 | Array Space, Toronto

Performed by Olivia Shortt (sax), Emilie Gelinas-Noble (vla), Jonny Smith (perc), Markéta Ornova (pno), Angela Blumberg (choreographer, dancer), Ming-Bo Lam (dancer), and Julia Mermelstein (electronics)

Program Notes

"drifting vividly" is inspired by situational and thought-based dreaming when the body and mind gradually slows down, letting go of the outside world and surrendering to stillness. The peice evolves from restless, disembodied gestures, to giving in and finding a connection to one’s body, allowing scattered thoughts and sounds from the outside environment to gradually dissolve into abstraction.

The choreography seeks to capture the music’s ongoing nature and steadiness as well as the subtle shifts and dramatic notions that reside underneath its surface.Angela Blumberg
"drifting, vividly" performance at Array space in Toronto. (left to right) Ming-Bo Lam, Emilie Gelinas Noble, Jonny Smith, Angela Blumberg, Olivia Shortt.