folds in crossings

for solo violin and electronics

12 minutes (2020)

Commissioned by Leslie Ting with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

World Premiere

WBYI • Summerworks 2022 Lab Series (work in progress showing)
August 4, 2022 | 2022, Toronto

Performed by Leslie Ting

Program Notes

"folds in crossings" is one of five pieces of a larger interdisciplinary work, "What Brings You In," created by Leslie Ting. A violinist confronts the noise of her psyche in an electroacoustic soundscape. A percussionist sifts through her subconscious with a sandbox as an instrument. Based on interview research, and personal experiences with talk therapy, hypnotherapy, dreamwork, sandplay, somatics, and reiki, this experimental, music-driven work-in-progress is an exploration of where and when our truest selves emerge through a series of sound pieces. In development.

What Brings You In at Summerworks 2022 Lab Series. Online, interactive, binaural listening experience.
Photo by Henry Chan.