in moments, into bloom

for orchestra ( / / timp + 2perc / strings)

3 minutes (2022)

Commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Gustavo Gimeno, Music Director to celebrate the orchestra’s 100th season

World Premiere

Gimeno + Hannigan
May 19, 2022 | Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto

Toronto Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gustavo Gimeno

Program Notes

"in moments, into bloom" explores a movement of expansion following a slow dissolve. Continually building and evolving, like new growth forming after the thaw. The piece take inspiration from the legacy of Canadian music commissioned by the TSO over its one hundred seasons, steeping in the past and exploring it in new ways. I think we’re moving into a new kind of growth this year, and I wanted to play with this shifting movement. Capturing a glimpse of this continual cycle.