into a landscape, unrest

For mixed quintet and electronics (vla, bsn, perc, pno, synth)

13 minutes (2017)

Commissioned by Caution Tape Sound Collective.

World Premiere

March 18, 2017 | Array Space, Toronto

Performed by Bianca Chambul (bsn), Evan Bowen (perc), Emilie Gelinas-Noble (vla), Jana Luksts (synth, electronics), Markéta Ornova (pno)

Program Notes

"into a landscape, unrest" is inspired by the idea of how impermanent our surrounding and environments are from the very subtle to the more pronounced. There are cycles to how things form and transform according to what is present in the space. Our awareness guides what we deem to be background and foreground and this is continually changing as we experience one moment to the next. The piece plays with this shifting awareness and the expectation for things to continue as they were.

Everything is impermanent and comes to an end. Every moment that comes into being is a moment of destruction.Dzigar Kongtrul
Quintile rehearsal with Caution Tape Sound Collective at the Canadian Music Centre, Toronto.